Friday, July 24, 2009

Why is aoki down playing me!

Aoki is a spectacular fighter can he beat me no. Game over it is all style
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  1. i agree with you bro. dont let him get to you. if hes really up to it he will take a fight against you.

  2. You are a better fighter Joe, he's just trying to get you to loose your cool.

    I have one quick question, and I won't bother about. But I was wondering if you and your family are in ABQ the weekend of October 3rd, or would like to come down the weekend of October 3rd. My non-profit is having a celebrity Golf Tournament at Isleta Casino Resort. It would be awesome if you could play as a celebrity guest.

    You can email my husband at or me at or visit the site for more info

    Thanks for putting on some great fights for all your fans. And we look forward to your next fight, and seeing you on the golf course!

  3. you have much more style then aoki. haha i would love to see some elbows to his face. thats for sure.