Monday, November 9, 2009


I'm heading to Manchester to help corner Aaron. It going to be a good night for us on the 14. This will be my last twitter for a week cuz my phone does not work there.
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  1. Noticed you made a stop in my home town....Welcome to the Windy City!! Good luck to your boy Aaron....this will be an interesting fight considering Ross Pearson is VERY hungry to fight in the UFC. I liked Pearson in the Ultimate Fighter's Season 9...but I'll be cheering for your boy...LC

  2. OMG!! I got my UFC credit card and guess who's in the picture?? YOU!!! It's a pic from UFC 74 with Kurt Pellegrino. It's AWESOME, my favoriate fighter is on my credit card...I'm going shopping just to show off my card...LC :)

  3. alrite joe hope you had a good time in manchester. do u remember meetin me in that nightclub in manchester? my mate bumped into you in the toilets and introduced us. you were well cool man down to earth guy good luck in the future.